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What Beneficiaries Say

"What OSF has taught me newly is a very good system. I will continue with this method they introduced here. The no-tilling concept is seen to be working. Because of proper mulching in the adverse post-rain season, the plants could grow well. The vermicompost which they encouraged us to use is a fresh concept to us in hillside. The plants are in good quality now."

Mr.Sanker, farmer at Koraput, Odisha

The new basketball coaching started at this place, gives me good exercise. The day is bright with a game in the morning, my mood is good.

Tukka Ram – Senior School Student, Uran, Maharashtra

We are learning lot of life lessons. Instead of abusing and being rude, we develop the ability to respect the opponent. We are trained in that manner through this basketball coaching and fitness program

Anup, Senior School Student, Uran, Maharashtra

About the time of my 6th Standard final exams, I had to buy pen, pencils and stationery. But it was difficult to buy, with our situation. Fortunately, from Sahay Foundation, I was able to get pencil, scale, geometry box and other stationery. That helped us a lot. Thank you very much.

Nanda Kumar – Class 7 student, Melaikonda Periyar Nagar, Thiruvellore Dt., Tamilnadu

I am studying in the 8th We did not have enough money to buy the required stationery for my exams. But that time, Operation Sahay Foundation helped us with the materials. I could do my exams well. Thanks, from my family and my village.

Rani – Class 8 student, Kavanur, Thiruvellore Dt, Tamilnadu

We did not have this facility before in this area. Participation in this coaching has helped reduce my stomach, this a great exercise.

Mr. Santosh – working executive, Uran, Maharashtra


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