Get Involved

We work on the principle, ‘We have an opportunity let us do good to all’. OSF offers individuals exceptional opportunities to volunteer in a manner that one feels or is skilled, depending on the nature of our projects and the execution methods.

The enormity of the task in hand calls for the joining together of many hearts and hands, and one can involve directly or virtually.  So here is an opportunity for you to touch lives, using your unique capabilities. We create the platform and your passion does the rest! We assure you seeing and experiencing the sense of fulfilment in seeing your deprived fellow countrymen being transformed.

Project Initiatives – We have on-field projects where you may like to spend your time. Depending on the location and nature of the project, you could participate in distribution of aids to communities, teach children, collect data etc. The field exposure will be an unforgettable experience.

If you are a student you may consider joining for short term projects and initiatives for our institutional linkage initiatives and other internal process work.

Promotion Initiatives – Be an ambassador. Advocate to represent us in your place of work or studies. Refer us to your CSR team. Encourage them to contribute to social schemes, and to consider OSF as a definite option.

It may not be possible to partner in our field initiatives at all times. However, consider introducing OSF work to your friends in social media platforms and your professional online communities.

Preparation Initiatives – Your creative skills to design, develop content, write, sketch will be valuable. Most of these can be done by remote participation. Let us know if you can spare time for this.

Participatory Initiatives – Involve with the communities whom we are in touch, understand their needs further, offer them directions to solve their difficulties and come up in life.

Volunteering options available in – Content Development, Spoken English Training, Teaching School Children, Imparting Skills to Rural Youth, Training Rural Women, Fund Raising, Promo Material Design, Policy Material Development, Music and Medical field (camps/health awareness drives).

Register as a Volunteer or please write to us at