Eliminating Learning Poverty

Madapatna Grama, near Begur, is located 40 km South of Mysore. It is a quiet village dependant on farm income. As in other places, farm dependence exposes the farmer families to climatic vagaries. Crops fail at times, hopes get dashed! The families and children’s studies are affected.

For a child in rural settings, the joy of being in school, quality of academic performance and encouragement from home and school matters. It enables them carry-on to senior school and move to higher education. Unlike their city-school going counterparts, they are not blessed with proper academic resources and amenities. So they need proper nurturing to be confident and competant. If not, the stigma of being a “small town” person and discouragement could gradually set in.

In rural areas, parents find it difficult to give educational support at home. Local assistance is rarely available. Even if available, for many it is not affordable. As a result, children find it difficult to meet the learning targets. If they don’t get help at the right time in their school life, the pathway to higher education and even the ability to read, write and learn will be impacted. Therefore the isuue is something beyond ensuring regular attendance.

How can we help them? What would inspire them to think beyond to achieve a better life and a fulfilling future? What can uplift them to be successful and contribute to the development of their village?

OSF’s Solution – Sahay Shiksha Centres

Observing the imminent need for academic aid for these children, we launched “Sahay Shiksha Centre” at Madapatna in July 2019.

How Can You Help.

Contribute an amount of your choice

OSF aims to collect, Rs.1,88,000/- which is the estimated annual expenses to run this centre. What does the estimate include? Teachers’ salary, study materials and essentials like stationary. Per child, the expenses will be Rs.470 per month and it will cover assistance for all subjects, English capability building, personality dev activities. The program will run for 10 months in a academic year.


Your donation will serve to gift quality education from Madapatna Sahay Shiksha Centre!  Note that at OSF, none of the directors take remuneration.

Engage and Encourage

Plan a visit to the centre on one of the weekday evenings. Share with them your experiences, share thoughts on career roadmap for their future, teach a skill or game, lend some learning tips. Your presence will be invaluable.


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