Operation Sahay Foundation (OSF)

Operation Sahay Foundation (OSF) is a Section 8 Not-for-Profit Company (Reg No.U80300KA2018NPL117277), established in 2018 at Bangalore. OSF was formed as a result of our observations on the unmet needs of the deprived in the community. To help the deprived, there are people and institutions who have resources to share. Our aim is to bring together these resources and unmet needs in an effective, compassionate manner, with all transparency. We render guidance, enhance the standard of living and lead the deprived to a stage of livelihood stability. There is no discrimination of our beneficairies by caste, creed, gender, religion or social status.
We carry out ad-hoc as well as long term initiatives in the areas of Education, Healthcare and Social Interventions.
Contributions to OSF are eligible for tax exemption under 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. Refer Approval No.CIT(EXEMPTIONS)BANGALORE/80G/2019-20/A/10072

Our CSR Registration Number CSR00011812


To enable, empower and enlighten communities


To impart knowledge, promote well-being and facilitate social upliftment measures for a better living


We have an opportunity, let us do good to all

OSF Intitiatives

      • Establish supplementary academic coaching centres for school children in needy communities of urban, semi-urban and rural areas.
      • Assist by supplying school kits – notebooks, stationery and bags etc., for children from economically weak backgrounds.
      • Setting up and running Adult education centres
      • Promote digital literacy by organising or launching training centres and providing digital support services in village / semi-urban communities
      • Support schools with digital infrastructure, sports kits and other amenities like toilets
      • Organise training programmes to improve the soft-skills of under privileged youth
      • Train and coach the youth in activities to build team skills. Provide a disciplined lifestyle by coaching them in team-games.
      • To assist in setting up skill development centres that can potentially impart employable and community developments skills for the youth (to include tailoring, mobile repair etc.)
    • To lend help in toilet construction for eligible houses
    • To support individuals / youth to help take up and launch small business initiatives that will help them to be self-sustaining and render productive services for their communities.
    • To help rural communities harness the benefits of renewable sources – in non-grid villages and in areas with compromised quality of grid-electricity
    • To organise training for rural farmers / farming communities, induce adoption of modern practices in Agricultural with an intend to help them realise better volumes and price.
    • To direct farming communities to be more productive by employing new techniques, organic inputs and water harvesting practices
      • Aarogya Medical Points for rural areas – to stock and provide basic OTC medication for places which are far from medical shops / facilities. To encourage people to take treatment on time.
      • For the disadvantaged – in rural and semi-urban townships, village clusters, communities in Juvenile / Govt homes and orphanages, pockets with high density of migrant workers. For officers / authorities serving in remote semi-urban and rural locations. To include those in Govt offices, Post Offices, Village/Panchayat Offices, Police Stations etc.
      • Enhance knowledge and awareness build-up in the water, hygiene and sanitation areas.
      • To work with and assist Govt / quasi-Govt authorities to impart preventive care awareness among rural communities.
      • Subject to availability of funds and eligibility, the treatment for a few needy patients, identified from the camps will be covered

The Team


Philip Abraham


Stephen K Thomas


George John


Anil Rajan


Roy T. Daniel


V.S. Mathews


George Thomas


Reji Jacob



Akshay Sagar


Regional Co-ordinator


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